Policy & Legal

Policy & Legal


Registered Paying guest
Only the specified number of paying guests listed in the Booking Agreement at the time of booking may reside on the premises. The number of registered paying guests given at the time of the booking is the maximum number of guests allowed. If an additional number of Lessee are staying at the Property, it is the absolute discretion of the hotel general manager or the representative to ask the extra guest to vacate the premises. Otherwise, each additional guest will be charged the published rate per night. No camping is permitted in the grounds or gardens.

Minimum Stay Requirements
There is a minimum 2 night’s stay requirement for most of the year. For Peak Seasons (Christmas & New Year), the minimum stay is 3 nights. For holidays such as Easter and Chinese New Year, the minimum stay is 2 nights.

Weddings and Events
Weddings or events are allowed at the Property. To this Terms and Conditions, an 'event' shall hereby be defined as any gathering within the premises of the Property that exceeds its maximum occupancy. If you take it upon yourself to host additional visitors while staying at the Property, you will be held responsible for any additional costs associated, each additional non-staying guest will be charged a published rate of $1000 USD per day when there is over 20% specified number of guests listed in the Booking Agreement.

Payment Requirements and Cancellation Policies
Booking the Property less than six months prior to arrival date, a non-refundable deposit of at least 50% of the total amount is due within 5 calendar days upon booking.

All cancellations made by the Lessee are subject to penalties below:

A 25% of total booking fee charge is applicable if cancelled up to 6 months in advance, 75% charge if cancelled up to 3 months in advance and after three months 100%

All full payment is due 45 days prior to the arrival date.

Security Deposit
A security deposit is required by the guest prior to the arrival date.

The security deposit will be authorized on credit card 48 hours before arrival or can be paid by bank transfer 10 days before arrival. The security deposit will be released or returned to the Lessee within 48 hours after check-out.

If the Property incurred damages or any breakages during the stay of the guests, the costs will be deducted from the security deposit. This excludes normal and acceptable wear and tear.

The condition of the Property will be judged at the sole discretion of the manager or the representative of the Property. If the value of damages or breakages exceeds the amount of security deposit, the guest will be held liable to pay the outstanding amount to the management as soon as possible

Any amendments made to the reservation dates after confirmation are a breach of the agreement and is a forfeit of the Booking Agreement. All payments made are subject to the cancellation conditions stated in article 7 of these terms and conditions.

In the unlikely event that the management is unable to accommodate the guest at the Property booked by the guest for any reason (including the sale of the Property and force majeure), the Manager reserves the right to transfer the guest and their party to an alternative Property of the similar type and value, in consultation with the guest. If the price of the substituted Property is less than the original booking, the difference will be reimbursed to the guest. If the price of the substituted Property is higher than the original booking, the difference may be charged to the guest If, however, after considerable effort by the manager, no alternative of similar type and value is available and/or no agreement can be reached between the manager and the guest, then either the manager or the guest may opt to cancel the booking and this Booking Agreement. In that event, the manager will refund the guest of the whole amount based on unconsumed booking, without further compensation.

Guest Insurance
Guests are advised to have both liability and comprehensive travel insurance that provides coverage, including, but not limited to, cancellation, loss and damage to baggage and other Property, and flight delays. Guests are also advised to carry health coverage that includes but is not limited to evacuation and repatriation. The company shall not be held liable to you and your party for all claims, including any accidents related to the use of the Property, facilities or locally procured third party services such as watercraft, water sports, jeep or motorbike rental etc.

Force Majeure
In the event of incidents such as fires, floods, civil disturbances, severe weather, Acts of God, and any other type of delay, inconvenience, or expenses caused directly or indirectly by events outside of the manager's control, the company shall not be held responsible.

Any problems or complaints that occur during the booking period should be discussed first with the Villa Manager (Captain). If the staff is unable to quickly resolve the issue, please consult the manager of the Property, who will rectify the situation to the best of their professional ability. The manager cannot be held liable for issues such as interruptions to water supply, electricity, Internet connection, cable TV, or breakdowns of lifts or pool filtration systems. The manager will do everything within reasonable expectation to avoid complaints in the first place, and when staying in a less developed and remote resort location, the infrastructure, local standards, and conditions are typically less developed than in urban environments. In case of complaints, guests should do it by writing to the manager within 24 hours when the issue occurred. Complaints made after checkout will not be considered.

Conduct and Behaviour
When booking the Property, the manager maintains responsibility for the appropriate behaviour of the guests. If any guest behaves in an inappropriate manner, the manager, or their representative, at their absolute discretion, may ask the offending party to leave the premises. In this case, no refund shall be claimed by the guest. In addition, the manager of the Property or representatives of the manager reserve the right to enter the premises at a reasonable time to gain access to complete repairs, perform maintenance.

Social Corporate Responsibility
Unlawful possession, use or consumption of any illegal substances is prohibited in the Property. Unlawful behaviour is also prohibited. The Police will be contacted immediately if there is any violation. No refunds shall be made in these circumstances.

Property Staff
Staff service is included in your stay at the Property from 7 am to 10 pm. On occasion, and with prior notice, they are also available for late-night special events or early morning breakfast (Extra hours can be charged at the discretion of the Property policy). At your own discretion, a tip may be given upon departure.

Additional services such as babysitting, and drivers can be arranged in advance and are subject to availability. Asking staff to look after minor children is not allowed. The guest must allow staff such as pool maintenance workers and gardeners access to the grounds in order to complete their work.

Should there be a request for change or addition of staff, there will be an extra charge of US$ 75 for each staff per night.

No Pets
Guests are not allowed to bring pets in the Property and on surrounding properties. Please note that the estate may have local cats. If you are allergic to or do not like cats, please inform the Property manager who will make sure to keep them away during your stay.

No Smoking
Smoking is NOT permitted inside the suites. Smoking is only allowed outside, where an ashtray can be provided by the Property Manager. Shishas and Hookah are prohibited in the Property.

Noise must be kept at a reasonable minimum level, especially from 11 pm to 8 am while guests are sleeping.

Food and Beverages
All booking include breakfast. All other Food and chef service, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks is la carte and charged accordingly. All additional food and beverages purchased on behalf of the Lessee are charged at a price of cost-plus a 25% surcharge that covers food preparation, transportation, time involved in the shopping and cooking process, and the use of the kitchen.

Linens and Towels
Linens and towels are provided by the Property and due to our eco-friendly Save the Planet policy, linens are changed every two days, more often if necessary. Towels are replaced after placement in the towel basket. Additional charges may apply if more frequent changes are needed. Items such as bedding, washing, or clothing articles should not be hung where it is visible.  Laundry of personal clothing by a third party can be arranged at the lessee’s cost, the Lessor shall not be held liable for any loss or damage by the third party.

Any transfers may be arranged through our guest service Manager.

Owner’s Insurance
The guest must not do or allow anything to be done that may cause the Property's insurance against loss or damage by fire to become void or cause insurance premiums to be raised.

Due Care and Supervision/Indemnity
It is understood that the guest is responsible and liable for the safety and well-being of guests and third parties while staying at the Property. The guests are required to take due care during their stay and take precautions such as supervision of children in the gardens, near the entrance, and near or in the pool. All children must be always under the direct supervision of an adult. No guests are permitted to enter the Jet while they are wet from swimming, as floors may become slippery. Damages or injuries resulting from the above-mentioned scenarios are the responsibility of the guests. The guests indemnifies and holds the manager harmless and free of liability resulting from such claims that result as consequences of accidents leading to injury or loss of life.

Valuable items such as passports, cell phones, cameras, cash, or jewelry should be stored in a safety deposit box provided in the Property. Neither the Lessor nor the staff can be held responsible for any valuables left behind, lost, or damaged.

Guest must be aware that each Property contains precious contemporary and antique pieces of art unique to the Property and must take care to avoid causing any damage to them. Guest shall be held liable for any artwork or antiques damaged during the booking period and the costs will be set off against the security deposit. If damages exceed the security deposit, the guest is liable for the remaining damages and must compensate the manager for the difference in cost.

Any contract that is made will be with the acceptance by both parties of these terms and conditions, which are governed by Indonesian law, and both parties will submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Indonesian courts